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Friday, 16 August 2013

Finland, the Amazing Destination of Europe

Finland is an amazing holiday destination for Europeans and it shares borders with neighboring countries such as Russia to the east, Norway to the north, and Sweden to the west. Finland will attract more than 7 million holiday makers every year to enjoy its natural beauty, mountains, lakes, lush forest, beaches and lot of attraction around the country. Finland is considered as one of the most visited country in the World. Most of the holiday makers will visit to Finland to enjoy outdoor activities like sauna, swimming, fishing and barbecuing.

Finland Top Attractions:
  • The Fortress of Suomenlinna
  • Lapland
  • Rauma
  • Helsinki Cathedral
  • Koli National Park
Helsinki Cathedral is most visited destination, situated on the neighborhood of Kruununhaka in the centre of Helsinki. Koli National Park is popular national landscapes of the country located on the eastern part of Finland. It features natural boreal forests, silicate rock vegetation, Fennoscandian herb-rich forests, high & low land meadows, eskers and bog woodlands.

Rauma is a major port in the country and reported as UNESCO World Heritage site. You can find several attractions around the city like museums, art galleries’, churches and Archipelago sites. Lapland is located on the northern part of Finland and it is beauty of tundra and pine forests, icy lakes in winter at the North Pole. You can enjoy the winter sports such as skiing, cross country skiing, snowboarding and many more. Cheap family holidays has been providing amazing offers for holiday makers to enjoy memorable vacation along with family, friends or alone. The Fortress of Suomenlinna is one of the leading popular destinations and also features eight Islands.

Finest beaches of Finland:
  • Bomarsund beach
  • Lappohja beach
  • Kallunkijarvi beach
  • Jussaro beach
  • Jellyfish beach
  • Kaasantie beach
  • Hietaniemi Beach
  • Hirviniemi beach
Bomarsund is a sandy beach located on the south west of Finland. You can also watch several attractions nearby coastlines. Yyteri is a famous beach in Finland and you can take part in other outdoor activities like surfing, beach volley and riding. Hietaniemi Beach is considered as famous sand beach located in the Toolo district in central Helsinki. Most of the tourists love to play beach volleyball and other activities.                

Most visited cities:
  • Helsinki
  • Jyvaskyla
  • Kuopio
  • Lappeenranta
  • Oulu
  • Rovaniemi
  • Savonlinna
  • Tampere
Helsinki is capital city of Finland, lies on shores of the Gulf of Finland, and limb of the Baltic Sea. It is a fabulous place to visit in summer season and holds several attractions like Helsinki Cathedral, Suomenlinna, Senate Square and Aurinkolahti beach. Jyvaskyla is reported as largest city of the country, located on the northern coast of Lake Paijanne. It is most beautiful place with forested terrain and hilly places, which was surrounded by vast number of lakes.

Kuopio is one of the most visited cities in Finland, which it was surrounded by lakes from three sides of the city. You can watch several attractions like Puijo Panorama Tower, The Orthodox Church Museum, The Kuopio Quarter-Block Museum and many more. Lappeenranta is well known as cultural center of southeast Finland. It is famous destination for holiday makers to take part in boating in Saimma Lake.

Savonlinna is located on Eastern Finland and the city will be crowded during Opera Festival. Castle Museum and Orthodox Museums are most visited places in Savonlinna.


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