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Friday, 2 August 2013

Norway, the Beautiful Side of Europe

Norway is one of the most visited holiday destination in Europe with fabulous fjords, mountains, thunderous waterfalls and lush forests. It is surrounded from North Sea near Denmark and Scotland into the Arctic Ocean, bordered with northern Finland, eastern Sweden and the northwestern tip of Russia. Most of the tourists will visit Norway in summer season for hiking and mountain biking, where you can also rejoice skiing in winter season.

Norway is considered as one of the beautiful destination in the World, where more than 9 million holiday makers will arrive every year to spend holiday vacation.

Top Attractions:
  • The Norwegian Fjords
  • North Cape
  • Flaam Railway
  • Bryggen in Bergen
  • The Vigeland Sculpture Park
  • Nidaros Cathedral
  • Kirkenes Snow Hotel
  • Tromso - Paris of the North
  • Holmenkollen Ski Jump
The Norwegian Fjords is most visited place in Norway lies on the western coast of Norway between Bergen and Aalesund. You will enjoy the view of stunning tall mountains covered by luscious greens tower above the fjord. Most of the fjords will found on coasts of Norway, Greenland and Iceland. North Cape will attract tourists more than 2 million every year in summer season to rejoice beautiful attractions.

Lofoten Islands is an amazing destination for holiday makers to spend vacation, where you can also engage in several actives like cycling, hiking, kayaking and fishing. Lofoten Islands are popular for whale safaris and watching sea birds like the majestic Sea Eagle. Tromso is most visited place in Norway and you can enjoy winter season in snowmobiling, Aurora hunting and dog sledding. Most of the Europeans will visit all around the year and also participate in festivals and concert shows.

Best Beaches of Norway:
  • Listastrendene
  • Brusand beach
  • Refsnes Beach
  • Sjosanden
  • Helleviga
  • Bystranda
  • Groos friluftsomrade
  • Hamresanden
  • Stolsviga
  • Hamresanden
  • The Hove beaches
  • Sagjordet
Sjosanden is considered as one of the best beach in Norway, located on the southern tip. It will attract most of the tourists in summer season for sunbathing, fishing and swimming near coastlines. Brusand is a sandy beach covered by sand, dunes, located on north of Ogna and south of Vigrestad. You can do several activities like swimming, sunbathing, Canoeing, diving, kayaking, soccer, bird watching around the Brusand beach.


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